About Us

We are first time parents, living in Brooklyn, NY. Trying to get ready for our daughter Addy’s arrival in October, 2010. Thoughts, musings and lessons learned from uncharted territory–our amazing adventures with Adeline.

A Brief History:

John and I met at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, a local magnet high school program in Jacksonville, Florida. John was studying visual art and I was studying vocal performance (I transferred schools in the middle of my junior year to DASOTA, where John had attended since his freshman year). We met in the cafeteria one spring day in 1995, over a diet coke and some cookies after several friends suggested we should go to prom together. We ended up attending John’s Senior Prom in 1995 and my Senior Prom in 1996.

After attending separate colleges (John attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and I attended Florida State University) and having our own life experiences- we started dating again in the Fall of 1998. We got engaged in Savannah, GA on May 7, 2000 and married a year and a half later on September 2, 2001 in Charlotte, NC.

Over the past nine years of marriage, we have built a life together with our 2 loving animals (Savannah our cat and Benny our dog) and we are extremely excited about the upcoming arrival of our daughter Adeline.


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