Archive | September, 2010

Tie Dye Onesies

14 Sep

Last night Jay and I decided that we should try tie dying some onesies for Adeline! Our dear friend Tara gave us this wonderful collection of white onesies, perfect for the Rit dye that Kathleen and I scored in a lovely gift bag from a Martha Stewart book release party earlier this year. After rounding up some rubber bands from around the house, we were good to go. We decided to make one each individually and then one together (from left to right: Joint, Jay, Ashley). Now I’m on the search for pink and purple dye!


Addy’s Baby Shower

13 Sep

Saturday, September 11th, I walked blindly into a surprise baby shower! It was an absolutely beautiful day in Brooklyn and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly shocked and astonished by my dear friends jumping out with party blowers yelling SURPRISE!!! Then when Jay and I started opening gifts in celebration and expectation of sweet Adeline I was overwhelmed with love from all of our wonderful and caring friends and family members that sent presents and well wishes from the Carolina’s, Texas and Florida! Thank you to everyone, especially Titi Mo for such a beautiful day in celebration of Adeline. I love you all so much. Baby Shower Photos!