10 Years from Now

2 Aug

I just came across our Wedding Day Webpage from the Knot.com that we created back in 2000-2001. First of all I can’t believe it’s still active and secondly, oh how simple it looks! It’s hard to believe that almost 10 years ago I was creating a website for our upcoming wedding day (September 2, 2001) and now I find myself creating this very blog to capture the musings of our little Adeline (due October 17, 2010). I wonder if 10 years from now I will rediscover “Addy’s Adventures” and she and I can reminisce on the use of technology and the excitement we have had for her upcoming arrival. I also found it interesting that I wrote the entire wedding website in the 3rd person. I guess this was before Facebook and the social media craze, where it became the norm to share our thoughts to an open platform of strangers or maybe it was because I just hadn’t found my voice yet. Who knows- guess I will just have to check in with myself in 10 more years…


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