We’re having a baby!

1 Jul

John and I found out we were pregnant with Adeline on February 21, 2010 after enjoying brunch at Sette one of our favorite Park Slope Sunday hangouts. We decided to stop by the store to pick up a pregnancy test and well 3 positive tests later, we sat on the couch silently trying to take in the news that our lives were about to change forever. We made a doctor’s appointment to confirm the test results before announcing to family and then on April 8th we announced our news to all our friends. We found out we were having a little baby girl on May 28th. It’s kinda crazy how fast the time has gone by. One minute I am thinking, wow October 17th can’t come fast enough. But then I think, huh, I was just able to sum up the past 5 months in a few sentences. This is going by much faster than I realize. Oh Adeline, You’re the flower of my heart, Sweet Adeline.


One Response to “We’re having a baby!”

  1. Bettie Bennett Ackerman July 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

    AND I was even in NY to witness this sonogram!!!!

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