Tie Dye Onesies

14 Sep

Last night Jay and I decided that we should try tie dying some onesies for Adeline! Our dear friend Tara gave us this wonderful collection of white onesies, perfect for the Rit dye that Kathleen and I scored in a lovely gift bag from a Martha Stewart book release party earlier this year. After rounding up some rubber bands from around the house, we were good to go. We decided to make one each individually and then one together (from left to right: Joint, Jay, Ashley). Now I’m on the search for pink and purple dye!


Addy’s Baby Shower

13 Sep

Saturday, September 11th, I walked blindly into a surprise baby shower! It was an absolutely beautiful day in Brooklyn and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly shocked and astonished by my dear friends jumping out with party blowers yelling SURPRISE!!! Then when Jay and I started opening gifts in celebration and expectation of sweet Adeline I was overwhelmed with love from all of our wonderful and caring friends and family members that sent presents and well wishes from the Carolina’s, Texas and Florida! Thank you to everyone, especially Titi Mo for such a beautiful day in celebration of Adeline. I love you all so much. Baby Shower Photos!

10 Years from Now

2 Aug

I just came across our Wedding Day Webpage from the Knot.com that we created back in 2000-2001. First of all I can’t believe it’s still active and secondly, oh how simple it looks! It’s hard to believe that almost 10 years ago I was creating a website for our upcoming wedding day (September 2, 2001) and now I find myself creating this very blog to capture the musings of our little Adeline (due October 17, 2010). I wonder if 10 years from now I will rediscover “Addy’s Adventures” and she and I can reminisce on the use of technology and the excitement we have had for her upcoming arrival. I also found it interesting that I wrote the entire wedding website in the 3rd person. I guess this was before Facebook and the social media craze, where it became the norm to share our thoughts to an open platform of strangers or maybe it was because I just hadn’t found my voice yet. Who knows- guess I will just have to check in with myself in 10 more years…

Preparing for Addy

31 Jul

12 weekends left. Thanks to both sets of grandparents the crib/bassinet, bedding, stroller and infant car seat have all arrived and this weekend we are picking up a glider and 2 dressers for Ms. Addy. Our home is getting ready for the transformation!

The Two Paths

14 Jul

So I was going through one of our old external drives looking for some images for a project I am working on and came across this illustration from an early 20th century manual on “social hygiene.” This image has taken on new meaning now that Addy is on her way–wow we better watch out for her reading habits, because we certainly do not want her destined to a life of shame and loneliness (by age 40) but rather we want her to be good girl who will grow up to be a loving mother and honored grandmother, right! So as tempting as it may be when we are thinking about baby gifts-let’s stay clear of the “bad literature.”

What’s in a name?

6 Jul

… that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2).

Adeline, pronounced ADD-a-line, is of Old German origin, meaning “noble” and is a name I came across merely by accident. After my Great Aunt Jennie died several years ago, we were cleaning out the family farmhouse in Lone Star, South Carolina, when I came across a bright yellow legal pad listing out our family tree (well my Mom’s side—the McKinney’s). So I asked my Nana about it and she said that one night after they finished playing their nightly card game of Setback (also known as High-Low-Jack-joker), Jennie and her decided they would write down the family lineage as far back as they could both remember, for fun. This document had to be at least a decade old- since it was found tucked away in a back bedroom in the house and well Jennie moved to an assisted living facility years before her death and the great grandchildren weren’t even mentioned. Unfortunately I can’t seem to put my hands on the document now- since it was packed up during our big move from North Carolina to New York a year and half ago. But I believe Adeline Stoudenmire was a great cousin of my grandmother. I jokingly asked Nana if there was anything I should know about Cousin Adeline that would deter us from naming our child after her and she couldn’t recall anything out of the ordinary.  So the name stuck-

After announcing the name to family and friends, I would often get- “…oh like the song, Sweet Adeline, right?” “Well, not exactly,” I would reply. So I finally got around to looking up the song everyone seemed to know about but me! Upon Googling it I found out that Sweet Adeline turned 100 in December of 2003 and is a song loved and sung by generations of Americans, especially when in a mellow mood. Although, best known as a barbershop ballad standard, the song has been covered by jam band, Phish; John F. Fitzgerald, grandfather of John F. Kennedy, used it as his theme song for two successful campaigns; and it’s the name of the first song on the album XO by Elliott Smith.

The more I learn about the origins of Adeline, the more I have grown to love the name.  We are creating new memories everyday and I can’t wait to meet our little Adeline in the coming months—only 103 days left to go!

July 4th Weekend

5 Jul

This weekend was dedicated to creating a baby registry. Thank goodness for Maureen (Titi Mo), cause the whole experience was a bit overwhelming. As a first time parent I didn’t know what to register for! So after pulling random baby gift registry’s, checklists from every website we could think of and some 2010 baby consumer reports we set out to accomplish our mission. Sunday we spent our time at Buy Buy Baby getting all the basics- I think the whole thing took about 3 hours, 3 long hours. And Monday we went to the Target at Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn- which was a mess. This store was really run down, broken computers, no scanners available, packed with people- so needless to say we ended up going to Maureen’s house and registering online. It’s amazing how much this little one seems to need- I just hope I registered for the right things. Still have to find an infant car seat that will fit in the Baby Jogger City Mini car seat adapter, a breast pump, diaper bag and oh, maybe a second job to pay for all this stuff!

We’re having a baby!

1 Jul

John and I found out we were pregnant with Adeline on February 21, 2010 after enjoying brunch at Sette one of our favorite Park Slope Sunday hangouts. We decided to stop by the store to pick up a pregnancy test and well 3 positive tests later, we sat on the couch silently trying to take in the news that our lives were about to change forever. We made a doctor’s appointment to confirm the test results before announcing to family and then on April 8th we announced our news to all our friends. We found out we were having a little baby girl on May 28th. It’s kinda crazy how fast the time has gone by. One minute I am thinking, wow October 17th can’t come fast enough. But then I think, huh, I was just able to sum up the past 5 months in a few sentences. This is going by much faster than I realize. Oh Adeline, You’re the flower of my heart, Sweet Adeline.